Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ten hardly hitting facts!

Truth - beneath its bitterness lies a quotient of sheer entertainment

  1. The more adaptable a piece of software is, the more inefficient it is!
    Don't Laugh it holds for you as well!
  2. Build vs Buy is a chicken and egg problem. You gotta be clear whether you want to consume few eggs or produce many!
  3. Noise is the best form of signal!
  4. 21st century software development is an outcome of adhoc project management and extreme GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) programming.
  5. An Amateur scientist aspiring for nobel prize said "I want to rename Google Search button to Research".
  6. RND is Reading and Documentation; CPE is Cut and Paste engineering;
  7. To err to is 'Human', To screw up is 'Software Engineer'.
  8. We get usually engrossed on 'how' of a technology and there by ignoring the innovation and creativity behind a technology. What motivated the technology will make us understand better!
  9. Analysis paralysis is a software symptom that is a result of improper resource allocation. It is like asking a NASA scientist to design this web page.
  10. Giving the right stick to break is divide and rule policy version 2.

1 comment:

Sagar Mehta said...

Good one. Great comments, I must say. Hilarious, from 'head' to 'toe'.