Friday, December 01, 2006

Intel inside, Oven outside - The Sony Vaio

It is 4.45 am EST and a nocturnal monster like me sacrificed sleep only for a greater purpose, to pass on a message to all the men and women who burnt their laps and an unknown count of unaware men that turned infertile. And the message is loud and clear - Never ever buy a Sony Vaio and if you must then do away with your oven and iron box.

Boot up your Sony Vaio and after say
  1. 10 mins and onwards - Keep your coffee warm and make your omelette
  2. 30 mins - Toast your bread or iron your formals
  3. 60 mins and onwards - Boil rice, cook vegetables and meat
  4. After 3hr Bollywood (or Karan Johar directed) movie - All you are left with is a twisted brain and a pair of roasted nuts (you know what I mean ;))

There are companies like Notepal that are out there taking advantage of this hot situation. One more software solution SpeedFan looked pretty neat and its free, so check it out.


Ramki said...

Wonder who is going to be hot tomorrow. :)

Naren said...