Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Some reviews may have been rightly calling the movie 300 a battle porn;) Anyways I loved watching the movie. You can't really go by my words given the fact I have insatiable apetite for action movies.

You might ask why are even talking about a movie here. It is just that I got curious about the technology used. I knew that they used digital backlot technique that was earlier used in Sin City.

[Wikipedia source]
Digital backlot (also known as a virtual backlot) is a term used to describe motion picture sets that have neither genuine location shoots nor practical (i.e. hand-built) sets on the soundstages; the shooting takes place entirely on a stage with a blank background (often a greenscreen) that will have an artificial environment put in during post-production

Some tech trivia found on IMDB site (Since when have they started writing about technology)

The film was edited on an Avid, with an HD cut also maintained in Final Cut Pro The 3D was made using Maya, XSI, and Lightwave The 2D composites were made with Shake, Inferno, Fusion, and Combustion. The filmmakers prefer Macintosh, but large portions of the movie were made under Linux. Asset management was handled by custom software written in the Panorama development environment, made by Provue. Color management was handled by Truelight software. The film was scanned on a northlight scanner and was recorded on the arrilaser. Most of the film was shot at high speed, between 50 and 150fps. Normal film is at 24fps. The film was transferred to HD SR tape and quicktime, and HD quicktimes were the basis for the HD preview cuts. The working resolution for the film was 2K, at a working aspect ratio of 2.11 and a projected aspect ratio of 2.35.

You may also want to read this one on behind the Scenes of 300 - Hollywood's Digital Revolution. Let me know if you find more information on the technology front.

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