Thursday, March 22, 2007

To establish their position in the world men go to any length to appear established already.

I bought myself a domain from ixwebhosting. Doorul is supposedly a cuter version of a doodle. I bet you wouldn't want to hear about the associated trivia. So, moving on to the interesting parts.

Setting up a custom domain name support in is no brainer. A very nice documentation can be found here.The DNS server will respond when somebody queries for my domain name

Cut-n-paste of debug trace from nslookup:
QUESTIONS:, type = A, class = IN
type = CNAME, class = IN, dlen = 13
canonical name =
ttl = 75012 (20 hours 50 mins 12 secs)
Non-authoritative answer:

Now see what happens when somebody accesses my previous blogspot url. The packets captured with ethereal look like this.

Accept-Language: en-us

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Server: GFE/1.3

Other popular blogging sites like wordpress also allow you to have custom domain. Incase your blog site doesn't provide the feature you could use domain redirection feature that most providers offer for free. You can get your custom domain say redirected to your blog


GirishBS said...

Thash a kewl shurl.

Naren said...

Wondered what a shurl was.. googled and found out shurl = short url.. Then came across that allows u to map ur long urls to shorter ones. Just for fun I got myself a free shurl

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