Sunday, April 01, 2007

Crossing the chasm

The picture might seem obvious to many. But you just don't seem to get it. You must then understand that a vague picture is equivalent to thousand vaguest words!

I bought myself the latest edition of Crossing the Chasm, one of the most hyped techno marketing books that every one claims to have read. Now, I can also say so. After reading a chapter or so I zzzzzzzed off.. now the book is with my friend.

"It is the cartoon that I improvised on". It makes me wonder how could a picture made for the story "Ass and Driver" suit so perfectly in this context. The Google image search is really making me notorious:( Before I get sued for my "REUSE" tendencies. I badly need a cartoonist. Any one out there? PLS HELP ME!!


Ramki said...

Whew! you managed a chapter. That is good.

Have a look at Toondoo. You can create cartoon strips there.

Naren said...

cool i will make my own cartoon! thanks for the link:)