Monday, April 16, 2007

Users == $$$$

Finally I called it quits to my high paying (it's relative) and low performing (again it's relative) software job. "Where are you landing?" "What is your next destination?" My concerned friends and colleagues asked. I just said "I have not decided". The answer was not convincing enough and some of them even felt I was being secretive. So I started coming up with answers on the fly. Initially I said I was gonna be a freelance consultant. Later I contradicted myself saying I will go after VC funding. That just turned me into a budding entrepreneur. After sometime I took a middle path saying I will do consulting for sometime and then devote all my time and energies to start a startup. I might have been vaguer at times "Right now I am flying and when I land somewhere, I will let you all know" ; "There is no destination I got to make one". None of those statements were completely untrue.

Fortunately everybody has been very encouraging. That comes as a pleasant surprise to me. In fact I refined my plans based on their inputs Everybody except my mom seemed to think I have a chance and I might even pull it off. How do I explain mom that registered number of users translates to $$$$$ and you don't need a business plan, even a million pixels will do. The news that YouTube was bought over for $1.65B dollars by a smart company like Google is more than encouraging.

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Dinesh said...

Good topic, very much relevant to your current situation. Selling idea of pixels was good on the link you have provided.