Monday, May 14, 2007

Digg uses lucene

I am very impressed with Lucene's performance. Here is an interesting read though it doesn't talk about scalability in depth - How uses the LAMP stack to scale upward

Digg's current architecture includes about 20 database servers, 30 Web servers, and a few search servers running Lucene; the balance operate as backup servers. All but one of the database servers run some version of MySQL 5. The transaction-heavy servers as well as the backup units use the InnoDB database engine, while the OLAP ones use MyISAM.

Joel mentioned that Lucene.NET a straight port of Lucene used in Lookout an OutLook search Plugin was blazingly fast while Microsoft's built-in search sucked.

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Anonymous said...

check out how Akamai uses Lucene Lucene in Akamai