Thursday, May 24, 2007

WTF is 2-DOT-O anyway?

It started with Web 2.0 and now we have Mobile 2.0 and Voice 2.0. When O'Reilly first coined the Web 2.0 the goal was about building just the right amount of marketing buzz, it was anything but visionary. The next version of Web 2.0 transformed into something that embraced Social Networking sites, You tubes, Wikis, blogs encompassing technologies like Ajax, RSS, XML to name a few. Most of them existed pre/post bubble innovations. Then what is new? Somehow the Web 2.0 appealed to millions of users.

Now every technology that is packaged for masses is versioned 2.0 be it Learning 2.0, Office 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, blah blah 2.0. There is an interesting site called Everything 2.0. What could 3.0 be? Well some people have already started defining Web 3.0. Lemme say it before anyone does. When technology is invisible to masses then it will be called N.0. Mabbe, the car you drive is a N.0 product.

A couple of days ago Jangl launched Voice 2.0 application that marries that your phone to email address. The Jangl founder talks about taking their service to social networking and dating sites to begin with. I think that is smart. As you can say I got a widget for my self too.

Jangl Founder Michael Cerda even mentions in his presentation that the most popular dating site is powered by MatchTalk a Voice App. Talk about dating 2.0, MeetMoi launched an innovative location based dating service.

Both Jangl and MeetMoi maintain the privacy between the users by routing all the communication via their Voice gateway (primarily VoIP SIP) in the case of Jangl and SMS/WAP gateway in the case of MeetMoi.