Saturday, January 12, 2008

VC Funding - Do I need one?

The article on mercury news is all the more motivation to jump start with an idea and get going without getting bogged down in details like timing, competition, biz plans, etc.


Girish B S said...

Hey! you dont believe in

Naren said...

LyteRAD looks awesome. I installed it. I will build an app during the weekend and give you feedback. It would be nice to have a web version too:)

ashvini007 said...

hi naren, ashvini here actually i m using ur code written to "Converting Your Java App into a Windows Service". Naren i m finding myself unable to use this code for my application. let me describe.....i hava a "jar file" and i don't want to execute it by double click on it rather i want to make it as a window service.....would u like to help me..please it is very urgent naren......hope u will give me a favour.
thank u.