Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Ever since we got ourselves broadband we have been watching movies/TV content on our PCs. This content was not intended for delivery to PC. What cable/satellite did to cinemas, internet is already doing to cable. Since PC emerged as powerful platform for delivery of video content, premium content is being produced by amateurs, professionals targeted for PCs alone. What if all the user generated content and professional content were to be available to you to be watched on your new LCD HDTV? Wouldn't that be cool?

Web2TV in short is delivering high quality web 2.0 content and apps on to your TV. Cable industry is calling it Cable 3.0. Yet another buzz word nevertheless check out these interesting articles :

Web-to-TV Startup
Yet another Web-to-TV System
Cable 3.0

Would that be osmosis or reverse osmosis?

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