Sunday, February 03, 2008

Microsoft + Yahoo = Mini Yahoo?

Enough has been written on the proposed hostile takeover of Yahoo by Microsoft. Yesterday's newspapers were all filled with expert analysis (speculations) on several aspects. Everyone is skeptical about the merger except shareholders who saw a 17% increase in Yahoo stock. I was part of HP when we merged with Compaq. It took couple of years for HP to recover from that.

Mainly I am curious about what products will be shelved. It will be interesting to see how Yahoo's open source BSD will be integrated into Microsoft Windows infrastructure.

Yahoo's platform mainly comprises of :
  • OS (FreeBSD, migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux)
  • Databases (MySQL, Oracle)
  • Mail Servers (qmail)
  • Yapache (Yahoo modified Apache)
  • C/C++ (infrastructural pieces)
  • PHP
  • Java (Spring, Hibernate, ehcache, c3po, log4j, etc.)
  • Python
  • yinst for distributed deployment
  • ymon other tools for monitoring

And MSN infrastructure has of course MS written all over it - Windows 2k/2k3 servers, IIS Web Servers, ASP.NET, MS SQL Servers, ADS for deployment, WMI for monitoring.

Prior to Microsoft acquisition, Hotmail used Sun Solaris servers and it took several years to fully migrate to Windows platforms. Google might have an edge here while MS and Yahoo are spending most of their energies in integration work resulting in a much smaller yahoo. Shall we MiniYahoo or MicroYahoo;)?

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Anonymous said...

You were right on the money about Yahoo components. However, you left out an important piece; Yahoo is a big PERL shop. MySql is used only in smaller set of Yahoo properties. Big ones use Oracle and/or homegrown Key/value index pair database. The biggest database Yahoo has is called YDB which is the Yahoo uses database that is used by practically every Yahoo property requiring sign in, and Yahoo Mail. YDB is perhaps one ofthe fastest ones on Planet earth that has over 500 million entries (replicated geographically too).