Thursday, April 02, 2009

Boxee Hardware..

I have zeroed in on boxee software for building HTPC (I rather call it a STB). I like boxee from what I have seen, heard, imagined and understood so far. But for some one who is unbiased here is a survey or rather choices that might be of help (or cause a headache).

I read an interesting article about Boxeebox. There were some more interesting thoughts like having storage separate from Boxee device so that it is quiet (it is like saying run boxee as a media extender).

I have installed boxee on a old Sony vaio notebook. the boxee was very slow on it. it needed a more powerful pc for sure. I need a new machine.. it got me thinking..

I have few options
1. install Boxee on 1080p supported AppleTV (around $300)
2. Get a powerful pc with Ubuntu installed ( can boxee take advantage of multicore.. what i mean is video far as I know libavcodec that boxee is based on does not have multicore support. ). What Graphics card to use?? NVIDIA is most compatible on linux boxes. If I get a powerful NVIDIA graphics card.. I am not sure if boxee playout can take advantage of such a powerful graphics card.

I am more confused :( help me out somebody!!!


Anonymous said...


You might want to wait a bit because the AppleTV is a little slow to handle all 1080p content, and can't run Netflix (it's got half the horsepower needed for Silverlight).

Additionally, boxee currently processes everything on the CPU so until they re-write the code to take advantage of your GPU, I'd wait to spend big bucks on a graphics card.

Naren said...

based on what you are saying Apple TV is ruled out then.. Can boxee take advantage of multicore CPU? Will 2.0 Ghz dual core Intel be able to do 1080p??

Naren said...

From boxee forums..
- Quite machine
- Speedy enough to handle 1080p 25fps

- Antec Fusion 430 (,1760.html)- Volume controll, remote and IR reciever
- Asus P5N7A-VM (,2845,2333126,00.asp) - Reviewed as the New HTPC King
- Corsair TWIN2X DDR2 4096MB (2x2048MB)
- Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 - XBMC recommends this CPU for 1080p 25fps
- Nexus 120mm Real Silent - Two silent fans for the HTPC Case
- Scythe Ninja Mini
- Hard drive of your choice
- DVD / Blue-Ray drive
- Remote (I'm going for Logitech Harmony 555)
- Multimedia keyboard/mouse

- Arctic Silver Arctic Silver 5

Anonymous said...

Use of the GPU for decoding h.264 video content is very difficult because there is no application programming interface (API) to do such decoding. And since we don't have source code for the nvidia drivers we would have to do an enormous amount of reverse-engineering to figure out how those drivers work and then become nvidia GPU experts to add decode assist without messing up the normal functions. All this without an "official" documentation. It's not an impossible task but highly unlikely give the amount of work required.

Anonymous said...