Wednesday, September 09, 2009

diya tv

Check it out channel 1.5 in bay area for some cool desi content. diya tv is powered KAXT and Tellytopia's i2tv.


Anonymous said...

Do you know how to access this channel? We have comcast cable in Santa Clara and its not available in the comcast channel lineup. I complained about this on their website. Do we need a converter box to get this?

I dont see much info available on their website either... and I am very interested in this channel!

dev said...

Diya TV is not available as part of your comcast channel. It is a free over the air channel. You need to buy an antenna. Most of the times an indoor antenna is good enough. If you have a HDTV you would not need an extra converter box.

Anonymous said...

I believe i2tv & diya both are powered by KAXT. Diya has been fun to watch...finally free desi content!