Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NoSQL Boston Event..

I attended the nosql event at boston. The conference was packed and there were many talks and discussions around Amazon Dynamo clones (Cassandra, Voldemort), document oriented databases (MongoDB, CouchDB), Graph databases (Neo4J, hypergraph) , key value stores(Riak, Tokyo Cabinet, Memcached).

CAP theorem was drummed up.. Consistency, Availability, Partition tolerance pick any two.. Talks were really basic but there was enough time to network with the core developers. Besides you can have some insightful conversations with developers during breaks.

There was lot of emphasis on designing application around "eventual consistency". What that means is you cannot reliably count the number of rows in a distributed store:) There was a special mention about rsync not being scalable for software updates when the cluster grows beyond a couple of hundered nodes. Twitter had solved the issue with bittorrent based upgrade tool. They call it "murder".. The a was discussion around vector clocks. Riak was proud to say that they support it while Cassandra promised that they will have it soon. more on vector clocks here.. a good summary of all the nosql databases can found here..

After the conference I spent the rest of my weekend in Boston. Until I visited the MIT Tech musuem I did not know that there was a soccer cup for robos. There were some cool T-shirts at the musuem store. The one I liked the most was "Burn Carbohydrates not HydroCarbons".. MIT campus looked like an industrial plant while Harvard was picturesque. I spent a wonderful evening at harvard square sipping some yummy cardamom flavor tea at Tealuxe:) 

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